Willow Creek’s T-Rex MH


Parents: Willow Creek’s B52 Bomber X Breezy Point’s Shooting the Breeze
Born: December 14, 2006
Gender: Male
Weight: 60 lbs
Additional Details:

Rex is everything we were looking for when we bred Bomber to Breezy. He has natural ability, prey drive, retrieving desire, conformation, intelligence, cooperation, stamina, style, intensity, calm temperament, and the uncanny ability to find and point birds. He was a joy to work with in his master training, and finished his master hunter in one short season.

Rex has thrown a lot of nice dogs.  One of our strongest litters is the Darby x Rex cross.  Rex is a hard hunting dog with a lot of work ethic and works hard in the field.  He has lots of prey drive and just has to have that bird.  Virg Meyer, a good friend of Willow Creek, took Rex out to North Dakota when he was six months old.  Virg came back with this story:

They hit a bird and it went down in the middle of a standing cornfield.  After some deliberation, when they were just about to go looking for Rex, 15 minutes later, out came Rex with the bird!

Rex has been a great dog all the way through. When guiding and we need birds, Rex is always the go-to dog. He certainly doesn’t let any get away.

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